We Will Advertise Your Property For Free
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Enjoy what business and commercial property owner’s have by:

Selling with Lease/Option

+ Your buyer has been screened and wants to buy.
+ No realtor commissions.
+ Top fair market net price for the property.
+ No closing costs involved with this transaction.
+ Seller (owner) remains on deed and retains tax shelter.
+ No long vacancies and a better qualified resident/buyer.
+ No management headaches – maintenance is delegated.

Selling Your Property By Lease/Option:
The Lease/Option – a fast, simple, easy way for homeowners or landlords to sell their property without having to use a realtor, management company, or other expensive methods. Maybe you have already tried to sell it (by owner), or rent your property, but nothing ever happened, aka…no sale ! Well, we provide fast help. Our Lease/Option program may be the answer you have been searching for.

The Lease/Option has been used for many years as a great alternative to just renting or an outright sale of a home. The program is very helpful to the homeowner or landlord who cannot wait for a buyer to come along…

The Lease/Option program may be your selling solution.

Our Lease/Option program is simple. We will lease the property from you for an agreed upon term, with the option to buy the property at an agreed upon price. We then sub-lease the optioned property to only screened qualified families who are serious about BUYING. We screen all potential buyers to approve someone who has the ability to pay the lease amount on time, and eventually purchase the house.

The resident/buyer will take care of all minor maintenance and repairs to the property while they are leasing. We have found that a Lease/Optioned property is well maintained, because the resident/buyer is buying the property and has a vested interest in it. Also, you will enjoy not having any management problems. We will structure an agreement that you can be comfortable with and if we Lease/Option your property, there will be NO CHARGE to you for our services!

We believe we can place someone in your property who will pay on time, take care of the property, and buy it in a relatively short time. If you would like to know more about the our Lease/Option program, and have a home to sell anywhere in the USA (we have associates everywhere), contact us at:

If you are tired of renting, but not quite ready to buy, then our Lease/Optioned program homes would be a benefit to you. They are available through our innovative program which has helped families in varied situations:

New job, self employed, difficult to verify income, unexpected financial situation, past credit problems; even bankruptcy.

Families who need assistance with down payment and closing costs

Transferred, and unsure where to buy a home, or unable to secure a conventional loan until previous residence sells.

We Will Finance A Home for You –
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*ALL Types of Mortgages*

Our program allows you the opportunity to Lease/Option a home with a portion of your lease payment applied to the purchase. We can extend your lease until you have sufficient credit history to complete the purchase, and there is absolutely NO OBLIGATION TO BUY! (Note to sellers: we have a ready list of awaiting resident/buyers to maintain our contract).

Should you choose to buy the home, you first contact a lender of your choice and obtain your financing. At closing, your lease credit is applied to your down payment, closing costs, or a reduction in the purchase price. (Note: Application of this lease credit depends upon your lender’s rules and requirements).